Legacy Republic - Studio
Legacy Republic - Studio


Studio to Revolutionize Photo
Album & Scrapbook Experiences

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Multi-camera Sources and Self-Adjusting LED Lights

Album and scrapbook pages are scanned with a special camera and eight self-adjusting LED lights to create a 3D model, virtually flattening each page.

High Resolution Digital Images

Eight images are captured at 12 megapixels for 96 megapixels of picture data that is then fused with the 3D model of the page using proprietary, patented algorithms to create a final 20-megapixel archival image.

True to Life Clarity

Shadows and other artifacts will be diminished with Studio’s magic. These are typically caused by textured paper and deteriorating protective plastic sheets that are usually found in aging photo albums and scrapbooks, which paper cannot be removed because that damages the underlying photos.

Powered by iPhone!

We’ve leveraged the iPhone 6S & 7 high resolution cameras to develop Legacy Republic’s patented technology, all while being controlled by the Studio mobile app software.

Portable - Setup Anywhere

Studio comes self-contained in an attractive, lightweight and portable case. Setup takes less than three minutes and is easily adjustable to accommodate multiple album sizes, up to a 14”x14”.

How it Works

  • Your local Legacy Maker will schedule an event or appointment with you to receive your scrapbooks and photo albums.
  • Your Legacy Maker then puts Studio’s magic to work so that you will experience scrapbooks and photo albums as never before ...
  • Get ready to experience photo albums and scrapbooks in your private, online Family Legacy account! Your memories are ready to create Keepsakes with, be shared around the entire family, and safely archived for future generations.

Each photo album or scrapbook treated with Studio includes:

  • An exclusive, unique, and powerful Family Legacy online experience for every page and photo.
  • Custom Legacy Republic memories processing, and easy access to making Keepsakes creations.

Interested in Saving Memories?

Studio by Legacy Republic will be available exclusively through qualified Legacy Makers - our consultants who help their communities digitize their photo and video memories for generations to come.

We are on a mission to help 90 million families preserve and share their memories. With an estimated 800 million photo albums and scrapbooks that need to be digitized, this is a $56 billion problem and a unique opportunity to build a meaningful business.

  • Create your own hours and arrange “Legacy Shows” and appointments that fit your schedule.
  • Earn commission on all of your personal sales and your team’s sales.

We partner with you to support
your memory-saving mission while building your business.

Become a Legacy Maker


Who will be able to use Studio?

Studio by Legacy Republic is designed for "Legacy Maker" consultants to enhance their Legacy Republic businesses. Studio is not available for purchase.

When will Studio be available?

Studio by Legacy Republic is currently in Beta Testing. We will begin making this available to our Legacy Makers in 2017.